What Are the Fees for Attending Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India?

Are you interested in becoming a professional yoga instructor? If so, you may be considering attending a yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh, India. The AYM Yoga School offers a specialized 200-hour online yoga teacher training course designed for intermediate and beginner practitioners who want to become professional yoga instructors. At Tattvaa Yogashala Rishikesh, we provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge of yoga until you can teach it professionally anywhere in the world. But before you apply, it's important to understand the fees associated with the program.

For Indian students, we accept 50,000 rupees for the course. This fee includes 3 meals and 28 days of accommodation. During this 200-hour period of TTC yoga in Rishikesh, you'll learn how to conduct yoga sessions and effectively impart yogic wisdom. Vinyasa yoga is a series of yoga sequences that connect individual asanas or poses with deep breathing and pranayama.

Therefore, we ask applicants to have a solid foundation in the primary series and optimal health before performing the intermediate series training. This will help ensure that they get the most out of their training and avoid injuries or excessive exertion. We also require that applicants have at least one full year of experience in yoga before applying to the in-person component of this teacher training program. This will help create a solid foundation for your yoga practice and allow you to understand the basic concepts of yoga.

We provide a comprehensive guide for students to review the guidelines of the 500-hour yoga teacher training course at a glance. Our teacher training programs are rigorous and we consider a few points when analyzing our candidates to ensure that you have a rewarding experience.At Tattvaa Yogashala Rishikesh, we will help you find a permanent and promising career as a yoga teacher, connecting with your students in the process.