The Benefits of Doing a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga teacher training in India has many advantages. It is an effective way to learn and connect with the ancient practice of yoga, as well as gain valuable information about its history and philosophy. It has been a popular destination since the Beatles visited the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram in 1968, but long before that, saints, yogis and students had been visiting for centuries to practice yoga, seek solace and even achieve enlightenment. Doing your yoga teacher training in the pure, sacred and yogic atmosphere of Rishikesh can improve your practice of asanas.

You will receive guidance from renowned traditional yoga teachers to get to know your body in the best possible way. During your training as a yoga teacher, you will gain authentic knowledge and a deeper understanding of yogic science, as well as the correct method to perform the asanas by properly adjusting and aligning your body to prevent injury. This two-week course follows the same daily schedule as two-hundred-hour students. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, this course will open up many dimensions of the wisdom of yoga.

It is conducted under the close supervision of experienced yoga teachers, so it shows the benefits of greater physical condition, mental calm and a sense of control, with many emotional and spiritual benefits. As the world becomes more familiar with yoga and its benefits, Rishikesh has become a destination for yoga enthusiasts from around the world to learn and improve their skills. This ranges from a 200-hour introductory training for yoga teachers to a more comprehensive 500-hour course that will push your yoga to the limit. Yoga teacher training takes you out of the chaos that surrounds you and gives you the opportunity to connect with your true self.

As India's RYS200 yoga learning center recognized by the International Yoga Alliance, Ekattva Yogshala brings together all three and much more. For those who want to acquire more than just a healthy lifestyle and take the initiative to share their knowledge with others, participating in a 200-hour teacher training course in Rishikesh (India) makes sense since it is considered the world capital of yoga. When it comes to 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh (India), very few yoga schools offer advanced YTT practice, unique experiences and affordable prices. Completing your training in the spiritual and scenic atmosphere of Rishikesh helps you understand the impermanence of everything that surrounds you and realize the joy and beauty of what you have in life.

An internationally certified 200-hour yoga teacher training course will provide in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga and associated disciplines.