What is the best online yoga teacher training india?

The Mantra yoga and meditation school is an RYS 200, RYS 300 and RYS 500 accredited by the US Yoga Alliance. UU. It offers affordable dual-certification yoga and meditation courses for beginners and advanced professionals. Located in the quiet and serene mountains and beaches of India, the International Yoga Teacher Training School has four branches in Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Goa and Delhi, India.

With the specialties and the uniqueness, the 200-hour Level 1 courses are designed with Ashtanga and Vinyasa flowing following various methods of concentration and meditation techniques to qualify someone as meditation teachers. It is the first Indian yoga and meditation school to offer international certification in yoga and meditations. The Shree Hari Yoga School is a yoga teacher training school that offers yoga teacher training accredited by Yoga Alliance in India, as well as continuing education programs (YACEP). Our TTC programs originated with the aspiration to share the true heart of yoga and inspire graduates who also do so.

Founded by a yoga teacher from India and an entrepreneur from the United States, East+West allows an equitable balance between practical teaching and traditional yogic philosophy. Incorporating ancient and modern philosophies, the trainings are led by prestigious teachers from India and yoga instructors from the West. Great attention is paid to the transition to the modern world of yoga after graduation, with topics including the business and marketing of yoga. While the costs may be higher than other schools in India, they offer payment plans, early booking discounts and offers to refer friends.

Their 200-hour training for yoga teachers offers classes in a wide variety of styles, including the Iyengar, focused on alignment. By sharing their own stories, teaching a lot about yoga, and giving personal advice, Ram and his team helped me achieve my personal goal of becoming a yoga teacher. The four weeks of yoga training include detailed information on more than 170 asanas, detailed instruction and correction techniques, breathing exercises, asana practice, Vedic philosophy and yogic lifestyle, and much more. Join this limited opportunity to learn from highly qualified and renowned yoga teachers and gurus from India to deepen your knowledge and become an internationally certified yoga teacher.

Raj Yoga Rishikesh has received approval from the Yoga Alliance to continue offering RYS online teacher training programs under RYS standards. This training is designed in accordance with the 200-hour requirements to register for Yoga Alliance. You can work full time or part time as a yoga teacher in a yoga studio, or you can start your own classes or a full study. We have two renowned yoga ashrams in India, 26% in the Netherlands, that serve more than 1000 yoga students every year.

The Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center has created its 200-hour yoga teacher training course in such a unique way that it is suitable for all levels of students, as it includes yoga for beginners, primary series, intermediate series and advanced levels. This teacher training course is taught in basic English because students come from all over the world. Patanjali, a respected Indian sage known as the “father of yoga”, systematized the practice of yoga in a text called The Yoga Sutras.