Why is yoga teacher training so expensive?

This is usually for 200-hour yoga. Why do you want to do yoga? The investment needed to teach yoga is enormous, both in dollars and time. As teachers, we spend a lot of money to acquire the knowledge we have in order to teach fun, safe and creative classes. Compared to certain schools of thought and yoga, such as Bikram yoga, a Yoga Alliance certification program will cost approximately half the cost of any Bikram teacher training program.

There are certain styles of yoga that have very high prices, such as Jivamukti yoga and Corepower Yoga. There are plenty of affordable teacher training courses that don't sacrifice quality just for the low price. Most of the cheap yoga courses will undoubtedly be held in India, where you can learn from certified yoga instructors in the center of everything. I remember that when I did my teacher training I had already been practicing yoga for 5 years and there was one in my course that had only attended one yoga class before her training as a teacher.

That said, teacher training classes approved by Yoga Alliance tend to be the most expensive of instructors' courses. That said, Yoga Alliance is seen as a highly reputable professional association, and any yoga instructor who has an RYT designation is more likely to find a good number of job opportunities, even if they're just starting out. You will learn to apply the philosophy of yoga to every facet of your life, making this much more than just a yoga retreat. If you're looking for the best destinations for affordable yoga teacher training courses, keep reading on yogi friend.

First, let's clarify the difference between online yoga teacher training and hybrid yoga teacher training. Yoga teacher training is an investment, especially if you've decided that you want to be a yoga teacher. You'll learn a lot about anatomy, the philosophy of yoga, how to make physical adjustments, and you'll be able to explore a variety of types of yoga. At the end of the day, spending time with course students is actually one of the most valuable parts of the teacher training experience.